High Speed Design Wiki


Created Friday 12 March 2021

Welcome! I started this Wiki site in an effort to share information relating to high-speed digital design which I have gathered and used over the years. My hope is that as time goes on, it will grow to a sizable reference to help other engineers solve their challenging design problems!

As I mention on the +Resources page, this work is simply a compilation of things I have learned over time, which all originated from far more impressive engineers than myself. All attempts to credit sources will be made, but please don't hesitate to reach out to me if any attribution is missing (or if you have suggestions or find any mistakes)! The source for the entire Wiki is available on GitLab (https://gitlab.com/shield-digital-design/hsd-wiki). Anyone should feel free to make changes and submit merge requests.


Happy Designing!

Stephen Newberry

Contact Stephen with any questions: Stephen@ShieldDigitalDesign.com

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