Created Thursday 09 March 2023

Background Information

Simbeor can be accessed at It's an absolutely phenomenal tool that can be used for pre- and post-layout SI work. Key to its success is the "decompositional electromagnetic" philosophy that it uses [1].

Use Cases

Simbeor is excellent for the following:


Check out this introduction video on Simbeor usage:

More info to come - reach out if you have specific requests for features you would like to see in Simbeor.


While Simbeor is an incredible tool, useful for many tasks and well worth the license cost (many times over), there are a few areas where it falls short of a full system SI/PI tool. For example:



High Speed Design Wiki:Glossary:W-Element Model
High Speed Design Wiki:Signal Integrity:Transmission Lines:Effect of Loss Tangent on Characteristic Impedance

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